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Set of 6 Mini The Original Blockâ„¢ Set of 6 Original Blocks for Gym Owners Set of Multi Colored Blocks
Set of 6 Mini The Original Blocks.

Resell as a 18" doll block in your pro shop at retail price ($29.95) for a profit. Perfect for the gymnastics loving child that needs all the 18" doll accessories. Can also be used at home as a conditioning tool.

Use in the gym as conditioning tools along side your Original Block stations. Can be used with handstands to help athletes push thur the shoulders, hollow body hold and pike hang on bars to strengthen legs and keep toes together.
Gym Owners take advantage of the special pricing on sets of The Original Block.  Uses for The Original Block are endless:
Teaching preschool cartwheels
Back handspring knee placement,
Sitting too much in a back handspring
As a conditioning station
Straddle press
Toe taps
Hollow body holds
Assist preschoolers in bridges
Kick overs for grade school age children
Comes with The Original Block, one standard yellow block , one standard green, one standard purple block, one standard red block and one standard orange block.  Please note the Standard yellow, green, purple, orange and red blocks do not contain hand prints.
Ultimate Cartwheel Package
Ultimate Cartwheel Package
Our Price: $426.00
Save over $100 by buying these items as The Ultimate Cartwheel Package!  Everything you need in one package to teach cartwheel easily and effectively. The package contains 6 Original Blocks, 4 progression mats and 6 sets of 3 (1 Red, 1 Green and 1 White) foot placement arrows.Use the arrows along with The Original Block to help students start off in the correct lunge position put matching foot on front arrow and then back foot goes on the green arrow and then green means ready to go.